Presentation Skills

Presentation Skills

Focus: Enhancement Of Stand Up Or Sit Down Presentation skills Including:

  • Potential to receive baseline feedback from others to determine goals and focus of coaching
  • Initial assessment can include review of past speeches or observing live presentations
  • 8 – 24* hours of interactive coaching meeting on a weekly bases
  • Audio and video recording
  • Post-coaching recording
  • Post assessments from others to demonstrate improvement
  • Coaching Topics:
    • Organizing and Preparing an effective Presentation
    • Best use of Non Verbal Communication (Eye Contact, Gestures, Posture, Facial Expressions, Dress/Appearance)
    • Effective Voice Skills
    • Persuasive and Clear Visual Aids
    • Fielding Questions

Our Public Speaking clients have achieved significant improvement in their overall presentation skills as well as their comfort level in speaking in front of an audience.

We can help you…

Streamline your organization and preparation of speeches

Deliver your speech with excellent visual and verbal presence

Develop effective visual aids

Learn the importance of your choice of words

Recognize how to prepare for your questions and answers

Presentation Skills
Coaching Quotes
Executive Program Director (Engineering)

“As a Program Director I have watched Cindy Dellenback accomplish what I consider to be a monumental challenge – coaching all of us, including those of us who don’t have a lot of experience to make dynamic presentations! The continued results have also been impressive.”

Chief Operating Officer (COO)

“My employees have benefited from your coaching in terms of their confidence and professional manner. How we present ourselves to our clients is perhaps the most important ingredient in building a business. Public speaking is an integral part of how our clients perceive us, and it often serves as the first and most lasting impression. Keep up the good work!”

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