Interpersonal/Executive Coaching

Executive Presence
Interpersonal Leadership

Focus: Enhancement of overall Executive Presence in terms of Voice, Body Language and Vocabulary

  • Baseline assessments include Self Assessment and assessments/feedback from others
  • Review of any testing, etc. completed by your company which would aid in this coaching
  • 40- 100 hours of coaching based on initial assessment results
  • Weekly sessions with flexible scheduling, along with scheduled observations
  • Topics include:
    • Emotional Intelligence
    • Effective Listening
    • Speaking Professionally vs Passively or Aggressively
    • Appropriate Body Language
    • Voice
    • Use of Humor
    • Meeting Skills
    • Facilitation
    • Effective Word Usage
    • Enhanced Boundaries
    • Social Communication
We can help you…

Increase your overall Executive Presence across professional settings, including presentations

Enhance your awareness of how your way of communicating negatively or positively affects your intended outcome

Improve your use of appropriate

Executive Presence
Interpersonal Leadership
Coaching Quotes
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

“Ms. Dellenback approaches each client on an individual basis, assessing individual needs, and formulating a plan that leads directly to enhanced communication skills. Her greatest help to me was to help me enhance my skills in small-group dynamics where I had developed, over the years, a tendency to dominate – and even suppress – effective communication with others. “

Vice President / Professor

“After working with Cindy, I knew I wanted my Direct Reports to have the same opportunity to work with her so all of them have had the opportunity for coaching, resulting in better teamwork, more professional communication, which has made a tremendous difference in our work atmosphere and productivity.“

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