Accent Reduction
U.S. English Pronunciation
Voice Enhancement

Focus: Pronunciation, Volume, Inflection, Rate And Pausing

Our U.S. English Coaching clients have achieved a 50% to 70% improvement in their pronunciation by participating in one to two sessions per week as well as practicing an hour per day.

Coaching includes:

We can help you…

Learn to correct pronounce the consonants and vowels of U.S. English that are different from the sounds in your native language

Speak at an appropriate loudness level (versus too loud or soft)

Talk at an effective rate (versus too fast or too slow) and use pausing to help others process your message best

Communicate using the melody of U.S. English

Accent Reduction, U.S. English Pronunciation,
& Voice Enhancement
Coaching Quotes

“The U.S. English Coaching has given me the tools that I needed to become a more successful professional. My voice was much too quiet, however, prior to the training, I did not know how to change this. My rate was also much too fast. Ms. Dellenback taught me to control my rate, as well as she gave me a way to monitor myself for appropriate rate and volume during my conversations with people, which in turn has made a major impact on my professional career.”

Group Leader

“Although I’ve always felt that I’ve had important things to say, before the U.S. English Coaching, I was reluctant to speak up in meetings because of my pronunciation. Now, as I work to continually improve my voice and speech skills, I am personally more confident and professionally more effective. I only wish I had received this type of training from Ms. Dellenback 10 years ago!”

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