Communication Associates was founded in 1985, by Cindy H. Dellenback. Ms. Dellenback is involved in the design and customization of all coaching for all clients.

Cindy H. Dellenback,

M.A. (C.C.C.):

Cindy H. Dellenback,

M.A. (C.C.C.):

For More Than 25 Years

Communication Associates Has Provided Services To Their Clients In Support Of Improving Communication Skills

If you have answered yes to these questions,

Communications Associates can help you.

Our Approach

Individual or Group.


Executive Presence, Interpersonal Leadership Coaching, U.S. English Pronunciation, Presentation Skills.


Usually Paid for by Employers.


Flexible with your Business Schedule.


San Antonio, Texas Area
1060 Earle Oak Ave
Bulverde, Tx 78163

Communication Associates

Coaching Quotes
Project Manager

“For years my performance evaluation have reflected a communication difficulties and this was getting in my way to being promoted. Until I received coaching, I was not aware there wasn’t anything I could do about it. Now I am very aware of my word choice, body language and voice quality and have now moved higher in my organization..”

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

“As I began my role as a CFO, I knew I could do a better job of influencing and persuading others, as well as with my communication skills during 1:1 and group meetings. With focus on enhanced Emotional Intelligence, my awareness of the impact of my word, body language and voice grew exponentially as well as my ability to manage how I communicated. I would highly recommend this coaching.”

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