Accent Reduction & English Pronunciation

At Communication Associates, we offer a pronounced difference in communication training…

Our Clients Tell Us…

“Although I’ve always felt that I’ve had important things to say, before the speech coaching I was reluctant to speak up in meetings because of my pronunciation. Now, as I work to continually improve my voice and speech skills, I am personally more confident and professionally more effective. I only wish I had received this type of training from Ms. Dellenback 10 years ago! ”

“The English Pronunciation coaching has given me the tools that I needed to become a more successful professional. My voice was much too quiet, however, prior to the training, I did not know how to change this. My rate was also much too fast. Ms. Dellenback taught me to control my rate, as well as she gave me a way to monitor myself for appropriate rate and volume during my conversations with people, which in turn has made a major impact on my professional career.”


Focus: Pronunciation, Volume, Inflection, Rate and Pausing

Our English Pronunciation coaching clients have achieved a 50% to 70% improvement in their pronunciation by practicing one hour per day and attending one to two sessions per week and includes:

    • Initial assessment to evaluate every American English consonant, vowel, along with rate, volume and pitch inflection
    • Customized speech program based on initial assessment results
    • 12 to 60 hours * of coaching with weekly sessions based on initial assessment results
    • Written and audio materials provided in cost of program
    • Weekly home assignments to be completed on a daily bases for maximum improvement
    • Customized tapes concerning your most important words: technical and commonly used
    • Four levels ranging from introductory to advanced
    • Re-evaluation to measure your success
    • Self-study program for continuing your improvement

We can help you…

  • Learn to correct pronounce the consonants and vowels of American English that are different from the sounds in your native language
  • Speak at an appropriate loudness level (versus too loud or soft)
  • Talk at an effective rate (versus too fast or too slow) and use pausing to help others process your message best
  • Communicate using the melody of American English